Pinterest Warning

. . .

Warning! Warning! Pinterest users!

Those of you who have Pinterest logo3discovered   Pinterest already know of it’s addictive nature. What you may not know yet, however, is its ability to inspire.

I am a fairly new member and this weekend was driven to redecorate. Images of what I had seen on Pinterest boards earlier in the week came to mind and I was unable to resist the temptation.

Switching out the bed in our guest room, we put together the antique headboard that had been in the garage for years. Oh no! A  deep scratch! Wait; I know what to do… what was it? Quick – check out household tips of your Pinterest followers boards for the solution. Yes! A walnut meat. Strange but true, rubbing the walnut over the gouge concealed the damage enough to celebrate.walnut cover scratches wood

The guest room is shaping up nicely.

You have been warned.

. . .


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